Phenom Desktop SEM Blog is Moving to Accelerating Microscopy

By Rose Helweg - September 19, 2019

Phenom desktop scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) have come a long way since the first one was launched more than a decade ago. And moving forward, we’re pleased to announce that the Phenom-World blog will be incorporated into the Accelerating Microscopy blog.

Over the years, Phenom-World has strived to make electron microscopy accessible to everyone. And with the acquisition of Phenom-World by Thermo Fisher Scientific, we look forward to even greater R&D capability and the opportunity to serve our customers even better.

A big thank you to all of our readers who have followed the Phenom-World blog over the years. We appreciate the time you've spent reading about desktop SEM topics and hope the information has helped you advancing your knowledge and understanding of electron microscopy.

I would like to express my gratitude to all our authors who generously shared their expertise and tricks of the trade. They are the best subject matter experts we could wish for! Due to their efforts we were able to reach over 270,000 readers, a proof of the deep interest our blog posts have generated.

Follow Accelerating Microscopy 

As we transition to the Accelerated Microscopy blog, we encourage you to join us. While the location will change, our mission remains the same as we continue to blog about desktop SEMs and the cutting-edge breakthroughs they provide. These blog posts will be incorporated into a wider discussion about Thermo Fisher Scientific electron microscopes and their role in accelerating a broad range of scientific discoveries.

Thank you again for your continued loyalty and interest. We look forward to seeing you at Accelerating Microscopy!


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About the author

Rose Helweg is the digital marketing specialist for the Thermo Scientific Phenom Desktop SEM product range at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Rose is driven to unveil the hidden beauty of the nanoworld and by the performance and versatility of the Phenom Desktop SEM. She is dedicated to developing new relevant stories about high-tech innovation and the interesting world of electron microscopy. And to help potential customers see the possibilities desktop SEM has to offer.

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